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Stories for Children

Claire also has a special interactive programme of stories for children’s birthday parties. After involving the children in her stories, she opens her box of dressing-up clothes - wands, wings, sorcerer’s hats and cloaks for the children to try on and create their own special magical characters.

Contact her to discuss your options for a fascinating and totally different entertainment, tailor-made for your occasion.

To listen to a sample of the stories she has recently recorded on her new storytelling album, select a track in the player on the right.


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Performing a story at Chipping Norton TheatreStorytelling

Claire is a magical and vibrant storyteller. She brings to life the old Celtic legends and tales in a style that makes them as exciting and compelling today as they were in ancient times. She transports her listeners to a world of fairies, dragons, giants, gods, goddesses and heroes of ancient times. She spins spells with her Celtic harp music and interweaves the stories with haunting and extraordinary melodies.

Her Celtic and Arthurian stories come from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Brittany. Favourite amongst her stories is the Arthurian Romance Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell. Claire relates this wonderful story with passion and humour and involves her audience in guessing the answer to the all-important question that lies at its heart.

Another favourite is the wonderful Welsh legend of the Lady of the Lake (‘Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach’) in which a beautiful maiden rises from a lake in the Black Mountain and captures the heart of a shepherd lad. They marry, but the magical tests she puts him through are a revelation in understanding the differences between men and women, and are relevant even today.

Claire has a wide selection of stories of all lengths in her repertoire ranging from ten minutes to thirty, and can create a short or full-length programme to delight all listeners young and old.  She can be booked for after dinner entertainments, lunchtime and evening performances and parties.

Claire has performed at Monmouth and Abergavenny Festivals, at Alternatives in London, for business conferences and dinners and most recently for Soundbites, lunchtime performances at Chipping Norton Theatre.

Storytelling at Chipping Norton Theatre

Review by Mut Danu

Although it is certainly possible to be transported while reading a myth of ancient days, to be read to is to rediscover a forgotten pleasure of childhood, and to have the story told to period music is to be carried off to the Otherworld itself.

First with her voice, the artist captures the mood and inflection of each character. Then together with her harp, evokes a mood that brings every description to life. The words become fleshed out as people and jewels and places.

Rather than sitting in my chair, a passive listener, I found myself in the Great Hall as the Three Strains were played, and by the lake waiting for the appearance of the Faery woman, and in the hall of King Arthur, face to face with the Loathly Lady Ragnell.

As for the harp! How to describe music with words? Soothing, transcendent, transforming one emotion to another... Claire Hamilton's talent as a harpist creates a listening experience that should not be missed.