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In ancient times the sound of the harp was said to ease the passage of the departing spirit as it travelled from this world to the next. Having harp music at a funeral can therefore be both soothing and significant. The delicate sound of the harp helps ease the sad atmosphere while guests assemble and lifts the heart into spiritual realms.

Claire considers it a privilege to bring her harp to such an occasion and let it work its healing. For this reason she is prepared to come and play for a very reasonable fee.

Please ring for advice on appropriate pieces of music to make this a truly personal and honouring ceremony.

Natural Funerals

Claire can also bring her Celtic harp to a natural, alternative or humanist funeral. This can be most appropriate for outdoor ceremonies. Please see under Celtic Harp.


'I had to write to say thank you so much for the lovely music. The Church is supposed to convert people to Christianity, but on the day of the funeral you converted a great number of people to harp music. I had so many remarks at how calming the music was. Thank you so very much. My husband would have loved it.'

'Thank you so much for playing at my mother’s funeral. It was so soothing to hear your harp-playing. My mother would have loved it.'